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Beautiful Scenery during the boat trip

Dolphins follow the boat Tortoises on Egmont Key Island  The Lighthouse on Egmont Key

THE Dolphin Watch, Shelling, Snorkeling, Sightseeing Boat Trip to Egmont Key

                                     1/2 Day Cruise aboard the 55 foot Miss Gulfport.    Approx. 30 minutes / 15 miles Tampa Bay
                                     and Florida Coastline Cruise to the Island of Egmont Key and back, every afternoon, weather
                                 permitting.  No one covers so much coastline scouting for dolphins to jump and play in our mono-hull
                                 boat's wake - they jump, twist, & spin so close you can almost touch them!  A great photo opportunity.
                                         Our boat stays with you during your entire stay on the Island of Egmont Key.  

                                       Once at Egmont Key you are free to explore this tropical island with the tales of the Spanish

                                Conquistadors, the Lighthouse, ruins dating back to the 1700's, or shelling where an abundance of
                                  sea shells wash onshore on palm-tree lined, secluded beaches.  You can then also have a picnic,
                                 swim in the shallow water, sightsee, take lots of pictures, see the tortoises, the ruins, enjoy the beach...  


                                 You can also snorkel among tropical fish over the sunken Spanish-American War Fort or dive for
                                                         sand dollars (also known as "diving for dollars") and shells.  

                               Email us at  or call 727-345-4500 for reservations

Links for Pictures of Egmont Key and more information

Click here for Captain Randy's Dolphin Video

Call for reservations 727-345-4500

Rates for trip:  Adults $38.00 each, Children $28.00 each, 3 Years & younger no charge, No tax.  Parking is free. Tipping the Captain & Mate is appreciated.  



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 Your best choice for a  Boat Trip to Florida's Egmont Key and Shell Island -- snorkeling, sightseeing, dolphins,  shelling, beach weddings.  Special charter trips available too.

                                                            Snorkeling near Egmont Key

       This is known as the Fish Condo   
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Some Testimonial Quotes
A Testimonial from a five-year repeat customer  "The most exciting part of the trip is that I never know what is going to be the most exciting part of the trip!"

* * * * * * * * * * 

"Dolphins!"  "A manatee came up to me!"  "I found 4 inch prehistoric sharks teeth"  "I visited different snorkeling habitats"  

* * * * * * * * * * 


  "We have been hearing about The Dolphin Tale Movie.  After going on your Tropical-Island-Getaway trip to Egmont Key we just wanted to tell you we had our very own Dolphin Tale.  It was wonderful seeing the dolphins up close and we look forward to going on your boat trip again next time we're in Florida."  

* * * * * * * * * * 


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