dolphin photos

Here are some nice dolphin pictures from Holly - from her recent tropical-island-getaway 
dolphin picture
dolphin picture 1
     "After a rainy week at the beach we found the brochure for your boat trip.  We lucked into a nice sunny Friday.  My children originally wanted to do your cruise over the plain dolphin cruises because of the snorkeling.  They wondered why I was bringing my good camera with me.  We had to travel the "long way" due to some rough seas in the gulf that day.  Once the boat neared the open water close to the Sunshine Skyway bridge the spectacle began.  Someone noticed a fin in the wake of the boat. Shouts of "dolphin" began emanating from both boats.  Before we knew it we had a small pod of three dolphins following us and jumping repeatedly.  I was at the ready with my camera.  My children who were previously disinterested in viewing dolphins were fighting for a good spot on the back of the boat.  The looks on their faces were priceless.  Thanks for an enjoyable afternoon.  One painful warning though, the far side of the island has many sandspur plants so tread carefully!"   Holly

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